Mercedes-Benz Parfums

Luxury fragrances for men and women, midway between excellence and the exceptional

Much more than a make of car, Mercedes-Benz is now a symbol of high standards, creativity, and innovation. And its badge with the three-pronged star is the emblem of a powerful, enduring brand that defies trends and consistently reinvents itself. 

Active in a number of creative fields and ever-mindful of culture, design and fashion, Mercedes-Benz has adopted luxury fragrances as one of its many passions. 

Charisma, expertise, an eye for detail and a taste for the rare and unexpected... Our fragrances  are imbued with the very essence of our brand. Our spirit. Our philosophy. 

Our fragrances for men and women play out an ingenious olfactive score. On a constant quest for quality and uniqueness, we have worked with renowned Master Perfumers including Honorine Blanc, Olivier Cresp and Dominique Ropion to create distinctive products imbued with character that leave a long, lingering trail behind them.

And because each of our creations is unique, our bottles are designed by talented artists and crafted by the best French master glass-makers. They are precious gifts to give or receive, time and time again. Because buying a Mercedes-Benz fragrance means upholding a certain concept of modernity and luxury. “The best or nothing at all”... A motto that you can wear with pride. 


Together, they are a revolutionarytrilogy: the three elements united to be an accomplished man



Taking as inspiration the very heart of Mercedes-Benz legend—the three-pointed star, and its iconic meaning: to be a pioneer “on land, on the sea, and in the air” — Land, Sea, Air represents a profound return to the elements, and offers a Trilogy for the Complete Man.
Created by French master perfumer Anne Flipo, the trilogy is a tribute to layering: each element can be worn separately, or in your own desired combination.  Land combines the addictive rush of Cocoa Shell, Tonka Bean and Patchouli with fresh glints of rosemary and geranium, and the crisp power of Fir Balsam. Air invites you to free your mind, with cooling, herbaceous Armoise oil encountering decadent Angelica, floral notes of Petitgrain and the bright sparkle of citrus and Turmeric Leaf. Finally, Sea evokes the refreshing sensation of a wave crashing onto the shore, with verdant Violet Leaf invigorated by vivid Tangerine and marine seaweed.
The fragrances are available as individual Eau de Parfums, and also as a full Trilogy, in which unique packaging sees the three elements come together as one to form the signature Mercedes-Benz star.  Sustainability and re-invention come to the fore throughout the creations, from composing our ingredients in partnership with LMR, through to the innovative use of recycled components throughout every aspect of design of the flacon.
A landmark campaign showcases the power of reconnecting with nature in all its authentic glory. Shot by Axel Delwarte throughout Iceland, we see two-time French Kite Surfing Champion Valentin Garat kitesurf through the exceptional landscape: a discipline which unites all three elements together, and speaks to the broader Mercedes-Benz story: the beauty of bridging extraordinary heritage with an as-yet-unwritten future.
Mercedes-Benz Land, Sea, Air: The Trilogy for the Complete Man. 

Mercedes-Benz For Men Ultimate

For Men Ultimate is the signature scent for all the special moments that matter more than anything else. In applying the perfume, the fragrance wearer embraces his inner elegance and flair, while standing out from the crowd. #skyisthelimit is his personal motto!


Some fragrances encapsulate the very essence of femininity. Fragrances that highlight the uniqueness and charm of each woman. Fragrances that make the wearer unique. This is true of Mercedes Woman In Red.

Mercedes-Benz For Women Rose

Created by Michel Almairac, this fragrance opens with fresh fruity top notes of blackcurrant and grapefruit harmoniously illuminated by a floral nuance of rose.The feminine and elegant heart of rosewood and elemi is delicately embedded by sweetest side of magnolia. Woody and elegant, the wake releases a modern accord of musk, amber and cedar wood.

Mercedes-Benz Man Private

For this amber woody Eau de Parfum, the French Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp has created a scent profile that is both refined and spicy. Mercedes-Benz Man Private opens with a mugwort, cardamom and cypress accord. A cool and refreshing touch! At the heart are bold notes of lavender, labdanum resinoid and ambrox set against a sensual backdrop of patchouli, cashmeran and cedar. The intense, warm and deep sillage is bewitching. It moves hearts and souls deeply.

Mercedes-Benz Fanciful Edition

A captivating fragrance created as an ode to glamor. A radiant sillage that invites you to immerse yourself in a world of opulence! Each year sees the blossoming of a new limited edition from For Women by Mercedes-Benz. The scintillating name of this year’s fragrance is For Women Fanciful Edition. Its scent is captivating, showcasing citrus fruits, rose, frangipani and musk.