Here it comes. 
The speed intensifies. 
The sensation multiplies all others. 
The ultimate Thrill.

Meet Thrill. The inaugural trilogy from AMG Parfums, and the arrival of a new icon.

Born from AMG’s founding belief that nothing is impossible - and an ethos of raw excellence that keeps it at the apex of the motorsports world - AMG Parfums unite high-performance with an unparalleled spark of pure emotion to channel the true racing pulse at the heart of the Mercedes universe. 

 Thrill launches in three signature creations. Silver Thrill, Black Thrill and Red Thrill. Created by master perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, each Thrill summons a core component of AMG—Silver for technology, Black for luxury, and Red for passion—while accelerating a distinct masculine sensation through meticulously chosen ingredients, and original and daring compositions. 

Fire under ice: Silver Thrill blends the energy of Bergamot with the rhythm of amberwood and patchouli to channel the exhilaration of creation — and the grace of mastery under pressure. 
Ultimate liberty: in Black Thrill, addictive tonka leather meets the aromatic thrill of clary-sage and the verve of ripe mandarin to create an intoxicating tribute to the feeling of pure freedom. Fierce ambition: Red Thrill contrasts the intensity of cardamom-spiced vanilla with the smooth luxury of Iris to bring to life the raw energy of ambition, spirit and drive. A singular chassis; an engine within. Presented in an instantly recognisable tribute to AMG, each bottle has a pulsing heart, and is protected by a striking raw metal shell. Forged from recycled glass and aluminium, and infinitely rechargeable, AMG’s commitment to innovative sustainability emerges in full force. 
A game-changing campaign shot in Paris by Frédéric de Pontcharra launches the singular character of each Thrill, and tells a high-octane story about the lines that surround us, and the lines we’re called to go beyond. 
Thrill. The daring new fragrances introducing AMG Parfums.  
What’s your Thrill? #BeAMGready 

Thrill & Pure Emotion